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October 15, 2013

These are pictures of the Washington DC Temple, Sister Pehrson and her companion at the Temple, a "Snake" she mentions in this blog and groundhogs that she finds very cute. I didn't realize that people actually celebrated the columbus day holiday, but everyone was off work and school yesterday so welcome to the east coast I guess! This week has been SO INCREDIBLE! I am so excited to tell you all about it. On Monday night after P day ended, we headed over to an investigator's house. She lives in government housing and had a big inspection so she needed help changing her shower curtain and her curtains in her living room. Her house is not fun to be in..she opened the dishwasher and tons of bugs started crawling out. Then my companion got to change the shower curtain which hadn't been changed in four years. Then my companion changed the curtains in the living room and the whole time she did that all these bugs were flying out of them! I just talked to the investigator while my companion did that. hahaha I am a very supportive companion ;) We tried to teach her a little but she was very busy so we set up a time to come back later in the week. After that, we headed to go track down our investigator. He is from the Congo and is VERY hard to get in contact with. We were able to talk to him and he told us he's been reading the Book of Mormon almost daily and comparing it to the bible and he says "wow, they're so similar!" and we're like "yeah, we know!!" so he told us he wanted to meet later in the week and that he wanted to come to church. It's so funny because whenever we meet with him, we try to shake his hand at the end, but he always hugs us! And we just kind of stand there super awkwardly with our hands by our sides and wait til the hug is over haha. On Tuesday we woke up to finding these 2 giant centipede looking bugs in our apartment!! They were disgusting, but I guess that's just a taste of what I'll have in Brasil! We had zone and district meetings and we are in a new zone and district. Our new district is much smaller, there are only 3 companionships. It's a really fun district thought. We talked a lot about finding new people to teach because we haven't been very good about that lately, so we needed to focus on that. We had dinner with our Bishop on tuesday and his son just got reassigned to Knoxville, Tennessee while he waits for his visa! Their 6 year old daughter, prayed for us to get our visas. it was really cute. Wednesday was so awesome! The mission is putting us through the addiction recovery classes so we can help our investigators with addictions, so we had that wednesday morning. it was really cool because i think it relates to so much more than addiction. We talked about humility and forgiveness which are 2 things I am not very good at. After the meeting we had an appointment with one of the less active members of our ward. it's been really hard planning for her lessons lately because she already recognized that she needs to come to church, she just won't come. so we taught her about faith and how it leads to action and we strongly challenged her to come to church. It went so well and she said she would see if one of the members would get her a ride. I felt really confident during that lesson and the spirit was very strong! After that we had a lesson with another investigator. we invited a ward member to come with us so we got there and waited...and waited...and waited.. so we called and rescheduled with him. it was a bummer because I know the ward member was super excited to teach with us but it didn't work out. After that we headed to the a ward family and they made Brasillian was so delicious! The brasillain dessert was the best though...We had a lesson after and it went really well. Our investigaro said she wants to see a baptism before she gets baptized, so we are going to try to get that set up soon. She said she knows she is super close but we weren't able to pick a day with her so we were kind of bummed about that. After that we went to see another investigator. It is really hard to teach her because there is never enough focus to actually teach her anything. So we realized we needed to try a new way of teaching her, like maybe at a members house or something. Thursday was my 3 month-iversary as a missionary!!! It was fun thinking back on my first day in the MTC and how much has changed since then and how different the mission is than what I expected! It's so much better... these have been the hardest 3 months of my life, but I've never felt more happy with where I am in life. We did a district fast on Thursday to find new investigators. It was pouring down rain all morning, but cleared up a bit so we decided to walk to our appointment...we did a little door knocking before the appointment, which is way better when it's raining because people have more sympathy on you !! But no one really was receptive. So we go to our appointment and at first the lady told us we could only have a short lesson because her caretaker was leaving soon. So we just talked to them for awhile and in the middle of our conversation, a guy came in. and It turns out he was baptized a few years ago but had some bad experiences with members in the ward he was in. So he is not active. He's never been to our ward and said he would try it out! the ladies didn't seem phased, they just told him to try our ward so that was really nice! As soon as we started walking home from that appointment, it started DUMPING rain...we had to hurry home and completely change EVERYTHING because we were so soaked. I wonder what it'll be like in Brasil haha. I doubt I'll have a dryer in my apartment for when that happens!!! After that we went to our lesson which ended up him being on the phone while we sat their awkwardly for like 30 minutes until he told us he needed to reschedule. We went to mutual with our investigator that night and it went amazing!! the young women leaders in this ward are so incredible and i know they're making a big impact on her. this week the activity is a temple trip, so we get to take her to the visitors center! I'm sooo excited!! Friday was another really great day. During my studies I found this really beautiful scripture in D&andC 88:41-46 or 47. It's all about the creation and i think you guys will like it. We had weekly planning. We talked about how much things have improved. Then we had a guy cancelled our appointment with him again. and then we ran around trying to visit people with no luck. We had a couple answer their door and we had a good visit with them about missionary work until things got awkward because they started having this big argument in front of us and neither of them would drop it. so we're just sitting on the couch, not sure what to do...moral of the story: don't get in an argument with your husband or wife when the missionaries are there. it's uncomfortable for everyone... On Saturday we walked out of the house to find a giant SNAKE on our porch!!! it was a fake snake, a little gift from the elders. Yes, I did have a minor heart attack. Sadly, I think there is a possibility of a real snake outside my door in brasil..haha. We had lunch at a members home who served her mission in England! It was cool to talk to her about how her mission has helped her. After that we had an appointment. she was super sick so we couldn't stay for long. She is a really hard one to get focused lessons with, so if you have any advice on that, let me know! We had dinner at a ward family. Everyone in the ward is afraid of the man, but I can talk to him really well and he just cracks me up. He calls his laptop his mistress..he's just crazy. We had a really good dinner with them and he gave us some names to take to the temple, which we did yesterday! My Companion got a migraine so we spend the rest of the night at home so that was kind of a bummer. Sunday was seriously one of the best days of my mission so far. On saturday night as we were falling asleep, and an invetigator called us and told us he wanted to come to church so we got his ride all figured out sunday morning. After ward council, we talked to the member who was going to pick him up, but apparently he said that someone else from a different church had picked him up? I don't know but we were super bummed out!! right before sacrament meeting started, the young women president came over and asked us to teach all the young women. Since se had an investigator, she said we could just teach her one of the lessons if we wanted. We decided to teach the restoration to the young women. I was very nervous...teaching is something i am still learning and I just get so nervous before I teach! especially since I was teaching the young women. I'm still learning so much about the gospel that i often feel inadequate, but i wanted this lesson to be so spiritual and for our investigator She is really starting to learn the doctrines. the lesson went great and the girls all participated, but the best part was teaching about Joseph Smith and the first vision. As I told her about Joseph Smith seeking the truth and then seeing Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, she was mesmerized. As I taught her, the spirit reminded me of my own testimony of this event, and i was reminded what a miracle it was and how that event changed my life as well as my whole families' lives! Nicole told us she really relates to Joseph Smith and she wants to know if this church is true,. It is so humbling being able to teach someone as young as she is who is seeking to know the truth. teaching the young women reminded me of how much i've grown since that time and it was one of the most spiritual experiences i've had on my mission so far. After church we had a meeting with all the presidencies and the bishopric where we go over the ward list and they find people for us to go visit. they decided i need to teach a class on how to communicate with one of the ward members because everyone else is scared to talk to him haha. We had dinner with a family in the ward who have an autistic son. i admire them so much! they are very young, but are some of the most patient people i have ever met. Sunday night we had a lesson with an investigator. I wasn't sure how it would go because we wanted to do a question and answer type lesson with her so we could figure out what else she needs to know. You can see how i would be nervous, seeing as i have a very limited knowledge of portuguese and the gospel!! We also had planned on selecting a date for baptism. I expected that to be like pulling teeth. but after a little talking she piped up and said "I want to be baptized on december 24, on our one year anniversary, but i realized you might not be there and I want you both at my baptism." We told her how transfers are November 14 so this week she is choosing either November 2 or 9!!! I AM SO EXCITED!! Her baptism is really happening! We spent the rest of the lesson making plans for the program and everything. I was prompted to share with her about my own baptism. I remember how happy i was that day and I remember feeling better than I've ever felt before. It made me realized how all these events in my life that seemed small have led me to where I am today and have led me to help others improve their lives and gain testimonies. It's so incredible to see what grwoth she is experiencing and I am so humbled to be a part of this work. Our investigator said that I am like her angel, but she is really mine because she's helping me recognize what really matters and why I am here in VA. Yesterday was another really amazing day! we got up at 5:15 so we could go to the temple! WOW the DC temple is probably the most beautiful one i've ever been in or to! i had such a great time being there and it brought so much peace that i really needed. later that day we had to drive the elders in our district to go shopping because none of them have a car, so we had 4 elders crammed in our backseat and i've never been in a more crazy car. They help us to laugh and to have fun with this work so it's a real blessing to be around them sometimes!! we got a call from this other wards ward mission leader who told us he wants to work with us because they don't have sisters in their ward, so i think the work here is going to really pick up a lot in these next few weeks! it's been so cool to see how much this area has grown and changed since we first arrived. I am falling in love with VA and everyone here. I've had a lot of times this week where i've felt like this really is MY mission, not just my reassignment. I miss you guys so much but i'm having the time of my life out here. I love you all so much and hope your week is amazing!!!eu amo voces!! love, Sister Pehrson

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