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April 28, 2014

Hey guys!! Is it just me or did is Monday come super fast!? This was the last week of the transfer and it seriously flew by! We are hoping to stay in this trio another transfer but we will see what happens! This week was so much fun and so full of miracles! Monday was so awesome! After emailing we went to Great Falls which is a National Park about 20 minutes away. It was so beautiful and so fun to be out enjoying nature! You know how I love nature haha :) I saw a GIANT copperhead snake, but I enjoyed every other part of the trip! I forgot my flats to wear with my skirt so I got to sport that lovely ensemble Monday evening to the post office and the grocery store... it was humbling haha! We tracted that night and everyone we talked to was so kind! We gave away 2 book of Mormons and met some really incredible people! Tuesday was another great day. We had zone and district meetings which are always great. We were supposed to have a Skype lesson, but it fell through so we went and met with Valerie for Portuguese practice. We really enjoyed our visit! After dinner we decided to check on this lady named Diana that an elder who used to serve here told us about. He only knew her name and that she lived by one of our ward members. So we went by that members house and tracted. We knocked one door and then the next door on the right had their door open and we thought "let's save it for last and do the house on the right." But then Sister Martindale felt like we needed to go to the open door. We did and Diana was there! Coolest thing ever! She's a really sweet old lady and we left her with a Book of Mormon and she said to come back another time. We decided to keep tracting so we knocked on her next door neighbors house. This lady came out and told us she saw us at Diana's and that we shouldn't go back because she rents out rooms in her house and right now and it may not be safe. We were really shocked and so we decided to go ask the ward member about it. We talked to him and he said that we should be fine going by in the day and just to pray about it and probably bring a member with us. But we all felt like we were really led to Diana so we will see what happens! That night we went to do a member lesson and had some time before so we knocked doors. It is a really nice neighborhood so we weren't expecting much but then we met this adorable old lady named Ada whose husband is a pastor for another church. They were so sweet and we will definitely be visiting them again! The members we taught are an older couple and at the end of the lesson the wife was like "I think I'd get baptized if I was taught by sisters!" Haha Wednesday we had lunch with our Brasillian ward member! Then we went and checked on this guy that some other sisters in our mission told us about. He is from Switzerland and is such a cool guy! He only has one hand and he was an engineer and has all these cool stories from world war 2. He is going to be really busy so he said not to visit him again until the fall but we'll probably try back in a couple weeks. After dinner we has an awesome lesson with our investigator Alicia. She is married to Ed who got baptized 2 years ago but isn't really active anymore. We've been trying to get in touch with her for weeks and then all of a sudden on Tuesday she texted us telling us to come over the next night. So we did and we had an amazing lesson! She's been through so much and it was a great reminder to me that everyone suffers at times and needs our love! On Thursday we were out tracting and we ran into this older lady who we met a few weeks ago tracting! We had sung a song for her and had a really good visit. She was out in her yard so we decided to help her pull weeds. After that she gave us a tour of her house and told us to come back soon! I think we have been adopted as grandkids :) we had dinner with a really cute family in the ward that night! They have 4 boys and 1 girl and they kept us very entertained. But after that we had a lesson with a Brasillian family we met awhile ago. We went to their house and they weren't there so we decided to wait awhile. The husband came home and told us that they were with friends so to try another time. It was a bummer but we will get them another time! We spent the rest of the evening at an apartment complex talking to everyone who walked past us! Friday was so awesome! After weekly planning the first person we saw was sister Clark. We had a good talk with her about prayer. After dinner we had such an amazing lesson with this family that a ward member referred us to. They have lived around Mormons for awhile now and have lots of Mormon friends. We were all a little nervous since the dad had been hesitant to let us come teach but the lesson was really incredible! The whole family had awesome questions and the spirit was so strong! We were able to clear up a lot of misconceptions they had too so that was awesome! They are so prepared and I'm sooo excited to see what happens with them in the future :) also another fun fact about Friday: both of my pinkie toe nails fell off! Oh The life of a sister.... Saturday was super great! We had a stake relief society meeting in the morning which was awesome! It was all about humanitarian work and it made me want to leave the country soo bad haha! But there is also tons we can do here to serve others so I'll work on that first :) after the conference and studies we went and saw Chelsea and Krista. Krista is from Whidbey Island! Her daughter Chelsea has Down Syndrome. They are the cutest family ever! Chelsea is going to a spring dance soon and she tried on her dress for us and kept twirling around. It was adorable! Krista is an awesome mom! They gave us a bunch of nail polish and flowers when we left, it was so sweet! After dinner we saw Brother McLeod. We shared the because of him video and it was really awesome! After that we brought cookies to a lady we met a few weeks ago and met her husband! They know tons of members and The Lord is really preparingthem. They just don't know it yet :) Rrom there we went and checked on some people we met a few weeks ago. We stopped by the British families house and the husband answered and said they just got home from the hospital and found out the wife has cancer, kidney failure, and blood clots. It was so sad. He said to just keep them in our prayers. Form there we went to invite Alicia to church but she wasn't home. As we were waking to the car we started talking to this guy named Jim. He told us his whole life story basically! He is from the Philippines and he had his own business until a big company bought it out and he lost his job. Right after that his wife divorced him. Then he was at Home Depot but he got a DUI and lost that job. Now he works at Walgreen's and is just really lonely. It's so sad! But I know we were led to him for a reason and we told him that and that we will help him! It's cool to see who god puts in our path every day! Sunday was great! We talked to Luis Wednesday but he didn't come to church :( church was still great though! After church we had a lesson with this family from West Africa. It turns out that the mom knows some members of our ward super well and she has come to church with them but they moved and she lost contact. Well they are back now so we have her their number! We had a great lesson with them and the daughter seems especially interested. After that we went and talked with a ton of people we met a few weeks ago. Their neighborhood was having a garden show so we walked through and talked to the people we had met before! It was so beautiful! After dinner we were checking on some people and met a lot of great people as we walked around the apartment complex. There were Chinese and Spanish speaking people so we have to give them to other missionaries but we are all on the same team so it's okay! We also had a great member lesson that night! We found out this morning that in a few weeks we are having a THREE MISSION conference and Elder Ballard is coming! I'm sooo excited! This mission is the best! Love you guys tons! Miss ya like crazy!! Love, Sister Pehrson

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