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September 22, 2014

Boa tarde gente!
This week had a lot of awesome moments, and a lot of seed planting...knocking doors, contacting people in the streets, etc. Despite all the tracting we did, the week still flew by so that was a huge blessing!
On Monday night we taught Larissa. She´s so amazing! Her mom and sister can´t take her to church because they´re always working, and she is only 13 so she can´t go by herself. But she is always reading the book of mormon and does personal progress on her own. I remember when mom had to practically beg me to do that stuff! the youth here are so amazing! I heard that the church isn´t calling any more american missionaries here for awhile. There are so many youth who were baptized here in Brazil in the last 5 years thatare preparing to serve missions and they can serve in their own country ! pretty cool! after that we had FHE with Neto at a member of the bishoprics house. it was about the preisthood, since Neto will receive it soon. it was nice because Cidicley, a member of the bishopric, taught the lesson. He used a ton of scriptures and explained things really in depth, I hope that Neto understood at least a little bit!
Tuesday was so awesome! in the morning we found a new family to teach! In the afternoon we taught this really sweet old lady. she has a ton of health problems so we talked to her about the resurrection and how she won´t have those problems one day! In the evening we taught Eduardo, sonia, and francisco. we weren´t sure how the lesson would go since only Eduardo went to church last sunday, but Franciso, the dad, said that he´s been reading the Book of Mormon and really liking it! He said that he will keep reading and really pray to know it it´s true! This is HUGE progress! There really is nothing better than teaching families! We ended the night teaching Alberto! we just followed up with him on how reading the book of mormon is going. He is loving it and shared some verses with us that he really liked.
Wednesday was a little slow going on the teaching side. We taught neto about the Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and Covenants in the afternoon. It was so funny because he found the articles of faith and he just started reading them and when he finished he was like ´´that´s all?´´. He loved them :) in the evening we taught Luciano. He was baptized in May with his family and was preparing to give a talk in church for the first time so we helped him out with that. It was cool because his wife sat in on the lesson with us. The rest of our day we walked and walked and did contacts but didn´t teach much! But Sseeds were planted and nothing can happen if we don´t work at all!
Thursday we met some really amazingly prepared people AND we found out that there will be a Subway in our area on the 25th of this month! I literally dreamt about Subway last night because I miss american food so much...but back to the spiritual side of things! We taught Alberto and he is doing really well. He is wanting his whole family to be baptized,  This week we´re going to focus on helping him really receive an answer that this is the right thing for him to do! After that we had an amazing lesson with Sonia, Eduardo, and Francisco!! We taught them with a couple in our ward and it turns out they are relatives. It´s like 3rd cousins or something! Pretty cool! The members shared their conversion story and it was just awesome! At the end of the lesson, Francisco prayed and it was one of the most sincere prayers I´ve ever heard! It was so awesome!! I love working with members!! Francisco and Sonia drove us home since it was close to our curfew. Word of warning: If a Brasillian offers you a ride, just say no. The roads here are just crazy and nobody follows the rules so it's a mess! But we survived and got home before 9:30!
On Friday we visited Neto in the morning and helped him learn more about studying the scriptures. then we visited Cleviane in the afternoon. She loves the Bible. We read 1 Nephi 10 wth her, where it quotes the bible and testifies of Jesus Christ. she loved it! I think she´s starting to realize that the Book of Mormon really is a book from God. We also taught Paulo and Cristina that day! They are reading in the Book of Mormon and really liking it! After that, we had the most amazing lesson! and one of the most surprising lessons I´ve taught on my mission! the other day we knocked on the door of this sweet little old lady. She told us she was busy but that we could try another day. We went back and weren´t sure what to expect, but the lesson we had with her was awesome! Her name is Francinete and she´s this adorable little 75 year old. We taught her the restoration and she understood all of it! We´d teach a part and then she´d say, ´´Okay. I understand. So Joseph Smith restored the same church that Jesus Christ established when he lived here on earth?´´ Everything that we taught, she´d repeat back to us perfectly! It was so cool! She loves going to church, but her daughter won´t go with her, so she can´t go anymore. We told her we´d find her a ride to our church and she agreed to go!
Saturday we taught English class and taught Danielle. Then, after lunch we tried EVERYONE we had planned to see, but EVERYTHING fell through! We did lots of contacts until our next appiontment. We taught Francinete again and this time we taught her about the Book of Mormon. The first thing she said was ´´How can I buy this book?´´ We told her it was a gift and her eyes were as big as the moon! She was so excited! I seriously love that little lady! Sadly she told us she couldnt go to church the next day because her daughter doesn´t like the idea of her going alone and her daughter wouldn't go to church with her! I am sure it will all work out eventually! After that we taught Dete! We met her on Thursday. She was passing us on the street and we started talking to her. she told us she´d always passed the church and wanted to go inside, but she never did. She also told us her husband, who isn´t a member of any church, said that if he was to join any church it´d be ours! so we went and taught them. Her husband had to leave for work but we got to know him a bit before and he´s really awesome! We taught Dete and her kids and it went great! It was so funny because during the leson the son was like ´´Mom, are they speaking English or Spanish?´´ He had no clue what we were saying! Kids here have a lot of trouble understanding us with our thick accents. At the end of the night we visited Tatiane; she found a house in the area of the other ward and is moving this week! Its' sad because I love her and love visiting her, but hopefully we will hear news in the near future of her neice, Cristielen being baptized!
Sunday we had our investigator, Maria, attend church for the first time! she is so cool! She was paying attention really well and even asked me to write down a scripture that one of the speakers used. It´s interesting because when we first met her, she appeared to not be open to our message, but she is trusting us more and more and is really liking what we are teaching her! I think something that is still hard for me is that I am guilty of judging if people will accept the gospel before I even talk to them. We had a fireside last night with a former member of the seventy and he was talking about how we just have to open our mouths and never think that someone wouldn´t accept the gospel! It was good for me to hear that because even though I´m talking with everyone, I sometimes don´t have as much hope for people as I should!
Like I said, this week was lots of seed planting. Lots of our appointments fell through which is always sad, but it was good to exercise our diligence and keep working despite the changes in plans. I´m excited for this week because we have a lot of appointments set up with the contacts we made last week!
I  love you all so much and hope your week goes awesome!
te amo!
Sister Pehrson

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